Pop-Up Projects CIC 

design & creative direction / digital / image-making


Pop-Up Projects CIC 


Pop-up Projects CIC are a community interest company who engage children and families, schools and communities through books, stories, and the people who make them. Our role was to design a website, to be built in Wordpress, that would appeal to children and adults, depicting the different facets of the business, the archive of events and workshops, and with an ability to add new projects as they are produced. The website required an imaginative, illustrative approach that would engage children and inspire adults, to be clear, easy to navigate and hold a depth of content.

Each section of the site is represented with a pop-up, hand-made illustration featuring a 3-dimensional box that represents the child's imagination. Additional paper-made icons, buttons, characters and page dividers populate the pages. In order hold a lot of information within each page, each project expands to reveal a description, image gallery and videos/PDFs where necessary. The client is able to add these sections as new projects are completed.

A key function of the website is to draw in new funders and sponsorship partners, and to display the many different current partners and their branding, in an fun and celebratory manner.

Following on from the website, we were then commissioned to produce an education marketing pack. Drawing on the design of the website, we created a series of materials including; brochure, bookmark, certificate, poster, stickers, invite, DVD sleeve and a folder to house the contents of the pack.