Pai Skincare

We were excited to receive our second commission for an event space and window design at Whole Foods from Pai Skincare. Pai produce a beautiful range of organic products specifically created for people with sensitive skin. Taking inspiration from the botanical ingredients in their products and the beautiful illustrations on their packaging, the design was based on large hand-crafted and hand-painted paper flowers.

The message of the campaign centred on the phrase “Sensitive Skin…Luck You!” and the design reflected this with hand-drawn type, giving a feeling of sensitivity or fragility, but surrounded by a celebration of giant flowers.

Pai hosted a variety of interesting talks, workshops and yoga in the event space leading up to the reveal of the window design. 


"We worked with We Are Laura on our first ever store window and their calm, creative approach helped us visualise the brand even more beautifully than we'd imagined. They were clever with budget, easy to work
with, and brought the originality we needed to make
an impact on a busy London high street." 

Nicola Sutton, Pai Skincare