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our image-making work

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We are Laura shop


In 2011 We Are Laura launched a shop on Etsy selling prints and cards. Using paper-craft and printing techniques, our shop is an outlet for us to have fun and experiment with image-making. 


Pop Up

image-making / digital / design

Pop-up Projects CIC are a community interest company who engage children and families, schools and communities through books, stories, and the people who make them. Our role was to design a website, to be built in Wordpress, that would appeal to children and adults, depicting the different facets of the business, the archive of events and workshops, and with an ability to add new projects as they are produced.



image-making / design

Codasign run workshops and events in the creative use of technology. They combine open source tools, such as Processing and Arduino, with tactile objects - from felt and playdough to fruit - to explore and teach technology.


Reach for the Stars


Lost in London, a magazine on rural living n the city, recently hosted a Chelsea Fringe event at Hackney City Farm. As part of the event, they invited their regular contributors to produce a poster based on a selection of phrases that give advice or instruction on the care of plants and flowers in the home. 


Lost in London


Lost in London is a bi-annual publication centered on rural living in the city. For the SS11 issue, we contributed three title pages based on the theme "Into the Wild". The illustrated patterns are made up of British wildlife and plants that can be found in each of the environments, At Home, Outdoors and The Village.


Be Co-operative

Many hands make artwork

image-making / exhibition

As part of the 3rd annual Mill Co. exhibition, we were asked to respond to the theme of Co-operation. We decided to devise a piece that would only come into being with the collaboration and co-operation of the exhibition attendees.


The Co-operative


Commissioned by The Co-operative, in conjunction with Mill Co., we produced a print in celebration of Co-operatives United. The design was based on a set of cogs, working together.




In 2012, illustrator Kavel Rafferty invited 25 collectors, artists, photographers and designers to produce an image themed on “collections” to be produced as a limited edition risograph print.


Dining etiquette


In response to a brief entitled "Be hospitable" set by the Souvenir Collective, we designed and produced a pair of printed napkins; one for the guest and one for the host. 


I gave my love a Papercut


 In 2012, illustrator Kavel Rafferty invited 25 collectors, artists, photographers and designers to produce an image themed on “collections” to be produced as a limited edition risograph print.

Lunar Youth

image-making / design / branding

Commissioned by Everybody’s Music Management to produce an identity and cover artwork for new act “Lunar Youth”. 


Sussex Coast College

image-making / animation

In 2010, Sussex Coast College commissioned Laura Middlehurst to create an interactive animation to encourage 15 and 16 year old students to continue into higher education.