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Be Co-operative

Many hands make artwork

3rd annual Mill Co.

As part of the 3rd annual Mill Co. exhibition, we were asked to respond to the theme of Co-operation. We decided to devise a piece that would only come into being with the collaboration and co-operation of the exhibition attendees.

Mixed Messages

2nd annual Mill Co.

We Are Laura contributed to the 2nd annual Mill Co. exhibition in conjunction with Monotype. Inspired by the re-birth and transformation of the Monotype font Neue Haas Grotesk, Mixed Messages is a journey of metamorphic transitions. Through a series of quotes, extracted from novels in which a transformation takes place, the first sentence is taken from Kafka's Metamorphisis. 


The Nests

1st annual Mill Co.

Mill Co. is a full-scale agency focused on creative collaboration. The brief for the 1st Annual Mill Co. Exhibition was “Community”. Responding to the theme, our approach was to build wasp, ant and bird nests constructed from the other agency member’s work.


Dining etiquette

Liverpool bi

In response to a brief entitled "Be hospitable" set by the Souvenir Collective, we designed and produced a pair of printed napkins; one for the guest and one for the host. 


Cool for Cats

charity exhbition

Playful, illustrated prints for a charity exhibition to raise money for Cats Protection. Taking our house cat Betty as inspiration, we produced a series of 3 prints entitled "Betty & the Fly Parts I, II & III".



Liverpool bi

In 2012, illustrator Kavel Rafferty invited 25 collectors, artists, photographers and designers to produce an image themed on “collections” to be produced as a limited edition risograph print.