Stop. Look around. 

Everything you see, perhaps an object you are touching right now, was once cargo onboard a ship. For one week in October, design studio We Are Laura staged a maritime takeover inside a Boxpark shipping container. Throughout the week, everyone was invited to join us in crafting a vast paper based seaside-inside installation. We wanted you to think inside the box – and bring the ocean with you. There was talks and workshops from other creative contributors, all with a marine theme, building up to the grand finale where together we assembled the sea-scape in less than 24 hours, before it disappeared, like messages written in sand.






Friday 18th - 20th October

We Are Laura constructed a live 24hr installation, piecing together all the elements that were created during the week, into a vast sea-scape. The installation stayed in place for another 24 hrs, before disappearing, like messages written in sand.

Watch the timelapse here










Thursday 10th October

Workshop with St Thomas More School in Wood Green

Working with Year 11 students to assemble birds and boats. The english class discussed the identity and the story of the birds, to which they then elaborated in the next class, to write the story of the bird they made.


Friday 11th October

Workshop with St Dominics School in Homerton

Workshops with  students, years 2 & 3. Each student made their own shipping container and were given a shipping form to fill out. They could list 5 items they would like to ship. If they prefer, they could draw the items. Once this has been filled in, their form will be stamped, tied with string, and put into their container to be added to the container ship!


Monday 14th October 5-7pm

Family Inkwell // Nautical Workshop // with Claire Scully and Stewart Easton

Using the collaborative drawing technique used by illustrators Claire Scully and Stewart Easton, participants had the opportunity to work together with them on a large scale Blue Whale illustration. Using line, pattern and colour, the workshop explored how these elements can form multiple narratives within a single panel.



Tuesday 15th October 12 - 2pm

Takayo Akiyama // Badge Making

A drop-in lunchtime workshop for badge making. With illustrator Takayo Akiyama. Using a variety of media to produce your own designed nautical themed badge.


Tuesday 15th October 5-7pm


Codasign held a maritime-themed evening working with Bare Conductive paint. For just one evening they lead workshops on how to build paper circuits with electrical components and conductive ink. Combining crafting with technology to make a nautical light-up card.


Wednesday 16th October 5-7pm

Rhiannon Adam

Polaroid photographer and former sailor Rhiannon Adam lead a nautically themed Polaroid demonstration, teaching advanced techniques and manipulations.