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We are Laura Set Sale

digital / image-making

In October 2013, We Are Laura constructed a vast paper-made sea-scape installation, piecing together all the elements that were created during their marine-themed pop-up at Boxpark, Shoreditch. The installation was constructed in 24hrs and stayed in place for a further 24hrs, before disappearing, like messages written in sand.


Pop Up

design & creative direction / digital / image-making

Pop-up Projects CIC are a community interest company who engage children and families, schools and communities through books, stories, and the people who make them. Our role was to design a website, to be built in Wordpress, that would appeal to children and adults.



Lost in Love

branding / digital

Lost in Love is a London based wedding photography agency. We designed a new identity and website to showcase their portfolio of photographers and services.


Iain Cooke

branding / digital

Iain Cooke is a music supervisor for film and television. Taking inspiration from musical notation, we designed a brand identity, business cards and portfolio website.


Phrased & Confused

design & creative direction / digital 

Phrased and Confused combine music and poetry to create events, festivals and publications. We were commissioned to design their website, a literature festival fanzine and marketing materials for a theatre event.



Nick Hartwright Carpets

branding / digital

Nicholas Hartwright designs antique reproduc tion and bespoke carpets. We were commissioned to design a new brand identity and website.


Mill Co.


As Mill Co. members, we were appointed to re-design the website, showcasing each member’s portfolio and the projects that Mill Co. have produced in a way that celebrated the collaborative, community driven ethos of the company.



Lisa Stannard

design & creative direction / branding / digital 

Lisa Stannard is an international textile designer and illustrator based in Manchester. We were commissioned to create an identity and portfolio website.


The Mill Co. Project

design & creative direction / branding / digital 

The Mill. Co Project is a creative social enterprise, based in East London, offering affordable workspace for creatives. We Are Laura created the brand identity, website, external and internal signage and all marketing materials for the events and exhibitions. 


We are Laura Showreel

digital / image-making

Edited version of stop-frame animated films from both Lauras. 


Sussex Coast College

digital / image-making

In 2010, Sussex Coast College commissioned Laura Middlehurst to create an interactive animation to encourage 15 and 16 year old students to continue into higher education.